December 5, 2013


Welcome to my blog! I am Frans Lundberg, a curious software engineer and physicist who have spent quite some time on developing algorithms and software for the BergDB database. In this blog, I will share some thoughts and facts on databases and data storage in general. Everything from theory to measurements of disk performance is of interest.

I enjoy scientific papers on the subject and aim to keep a scientific approach. If there are experiments (performance tests, for example), I intend to make sure they are possible to repeat. Facts, knowledge, figures should have references. Tell me if I slip. This blog is hopefully useful for others, but it is also written for myself as a way of storing thoughts, results and useful references for future use.

Don't expect a post per day, or per week. I prefer quality over quantity and hope I can avoid polluting the Internet with even more garbage. Use your RSS reader to get updated when new posts are published.

Thoughts and opinions will be included in the blog, but I am not writing to preach or convince the reader of anything in particular. I am just a curious learner who wants to learn more about data storage. Hopefully, I can learn more together with you, my dear reader.